The Total Immersion "Foundations of Freestyle Masterclass."

Featuring the classic TI learning sequences for Freestyle, including an in-depth study of the 2 Beat Kick

Hosted by TI Founder Coach, Fiona Laughlin

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Join the Foundations of Freestyle Masterclass:

The goal of this Masterclass is to help you become a fluent, efficient swimmer with a sustainable stroke that will enable you to swim longer AND faster with more ease, grace and enjoyment, while also having a foolproof plan for conquering the water.

If you have always wanted to attend a Total Immersion workshop, but you haven't been able to show up in person, this class will give you all the tools you need to learn and practice on your own, helping you become your own best coach.

The Foundations of Freestyle Masterclass is being taught by Terry Laughlin's daughter, Fiona Laughlin, who mentored directly under Terry for most of her life. This is Total Immersion as close as it gets, "from the horse's mouth."

The Masterclass will consist of THREE live 90-minute sessions AND a Q&A:

  • 1) Minimizing Drag: The role and sequence of drills for balance, streamlining and alignment as well as breathing technique for the drills.
  • 2) Maximizing Propulsion: Timing and coordination of the 2-Beat Kick, connecting the pull and 2-Beat Kick in a holistic way, as well as rhythmic breathing.
  • 3) Practice Planning: How to plan practices and seasons based on where you are in your process and for your personal area of focus as a swimmer and be your own best coach.

Additional features are listed below:

Two of YOUR Underwater Videos Reviewed

Submit your "before" and "after" videos to receive analysis and feedback from the Total Immersion experts on your swimming technique.

Access to a PRIVATE Facebook Support Group

Join a group of your likeminded peers who are taking the same Masterclass you are. Share your progress, help others and get coaching from the Total Immersion admins along the way.

PDF Handouts/Video Recordings

Get access to:

  • A PDF version of Ultra Efficient Freestyle
  • A PDF version of Slideshow Notes from the Masterclass
  • Video recordings from the Live Masterclass sessions
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Foundations of Freestyle Masterclass
Start Dates/Times

For your convenience, we are offering 3 separate starting dates.
See below for session dates and times:

Option A:

  • Class 1: Thursday, May 11th at 12pm EST
  • Class 2: Thursday, May 18th at 12pm EST
  • Class 3: Thursday, May 25th at 12pm EST

Cost: $395/person

Register for Option A

Option B:

  • Class 1: Saturday, May 13th at 10am EST
  • Class 2: Saturday, May 20th at 10am EST
  • Class 3: Saturday, May 27th at 10am EST

Cost: $395/person

Option C:

  • Class 1: Tuesday, May 16th at 6pm EST
  • Class 2: Tuesday, May 23rd at 6pm EST
  • Class 3: Tuesday, May 30th at 6pm EST

Cost: $395/person